Next excursions

The next AFEQ excursion is in preparation and  will take place in
spring 2022, in northern France.

Rhinoceros mandible, Caours site. © G. Jamet    Source : INRAP

In 2022, AFEQ joined forces with the Société Géologique du Nord to show us the “Variabilities of Pleistocene recordings of the plains and plateaus: the Scarpe plain and the Somme valley”.

Organized by Laurent Deschodt (INRAP and LGP UMR 8591), Patrick Auguste (CNRS, Evo-Eco-Paléo UMR 8198) and Pierre Antoine (CNRS, LGP UMR 8591), the excursion will take place over three days, from Thursday 19 to Saturday May 21, 2022 and will be preceded on Wednesday May 18 by the conference “New data on the Eemian interglacial: northern France (Hauts-de-France) and neighboring regions”.

The excursion is limited to 40 participants. Registration is compulsory and must be validated before 01/29/2022 with the payment of 100 euros as a deposit by check payable to the Société Géologique du Nord. You will find the registration form in the circular here.

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