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The next AFEQ excursion will take place from 9th to 11th September 2021 in  the eastern Pyrenees and their foreland and is entitled:
The impact of Pleistocene environmental changes on the evolution of landscapes. 10 years of research in Quaternary and Geomorphology in the Eastern Pyrenees.

Photo taken from Sorriaux, P. et al., KARSTOLOGIA, 2016 ⟨hal-01935529


Day 1The Plio-Quaternary evolution of the Roussillon basin and its borders

Day 2 – Pleistocene paleo-freezing of the high massifs (Cerdagne and Hte Ariège)

Day 3 – Geoarchaeology, karst dynamics and river sequences in Ariège

More details in the second circular

Registration and payment of the deposit before 10 February 2021

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