As French National Committee of the INQUA, the role of the AFEQ is to inform and to promote the French persons who work for the Quaternary Review among the INQUA’s activities. The INQUA is orgarnized into five committees which subsidize projects called IFGs ( International Focus Groups). The IFG are integrating in “committee projects “, also called ” grants “. The IFGs and ” committe projects ” aim at promoting the creation of international research networks and workshops. The young researchers (Early Career Scientists, ECR) and the researchers working in developing countries (Developing-Country Scientists, DCS) invited to participate in these actions are financed in priority. A new financial support was recently created for skills improvement (” Skill enhancement “). INQUA finances the researches which are considered a priority of the different committees. We list below the responsibilities of the French “quaternarists” in five committees.

Since 2003, the AFEQ-CNF INQUA has been sponsoring the participation of MSc or PhD students and young post-doctoral researchers (members of the association), in scientific workshops or conferences dealing with climate and environment of the Quaternary.



Coastal and Marine Processes (CMP) – Head : Roland Gehrels (UK)

Palaeoclimate (PALCOMM) – Head : Sandy Harrison (Australia).
– Valérie Masson-Delmotte (LSCE, Gif-sur-Yvette ) full member,
– Maria-Fernanda Sanchez-Goni (EPHE, UMR-CNRS 5805 EPOC-Université Bordeaux 1) responsible of IFG ACER (Abrupt Climate changes and Environmental Responses), 2010-2015. 
– Dunia Urrego (UMR-CNRS 5805 EPOC-Université Bordeaux 1) responsible of the ” commission project ” LaACER (Latin American ACER) within IFG ACER.

Humans and Biosphere (HaBCOM) – head : Nicky Whitehouse (UK).
– Jean-Philippe Brugal (UMR 6636 LAMPE-Université Aix-Marseille) responsible of IFG “Late Quaternary Faunal events in Eurasia”, 2007-2011
– Marie-Agnès Courty (UPR 8521 PROMES, Perpignan) got a ” grant awarded” (2007-2011) on “The integrated cultural-environment view of long archaeostratigraphic records”
– Brian Chase (UMR 5554 ISEM-Université Montpellier 2) got a “grant awarded” in 2012 on “Context and controls on modern human behaviour in southern Africa”.

Stratigraphy and Chronology (SACCOM) – Head : Phil Gibbard (UK).

Terrestrial Processes, Deposits and History (TERPRO) – Head : Alessandro Michetti (Italy).

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INQUA Projects :http://
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AFEQ-CNF INQUA is ready to help for any further information related to IFG, « commission» ou « skill enhancement ». 

The deadline for IFG project application is the 31th of January each year. 

Head of international relations : Maria Fernanda SANCHEZ-GONI
EPHE, UMR 5805 EPOC, Université Bordeaux 1, Avenue des Facultés, 33405 TALENCE cedex
e-mail :

International representative :
Thibault de GARIDEL-THORON, CEREGE, Technopôle de L’Arbois, BP80, 13545 Aix en Provence cedex 4
e-mail :

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