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4-day training course in geochronology from 8 till 11
October 2019

The first three days (Tue-Thu) involve training on geochronological techniques and age-depth modelling given by experts in the field. The theoretical part will be followed by a field excursion on
Friday, where sampling techniques for C-14, OSL, ESR, and CRN dating will be presented and discussed.

MSc and PhD students in geo-sciences and archaeology, as well as early career and advanced researchers and professionals are welcome in this geochronology training course. The full course qualifies for 30 contact hours or 4 ECTS. It is possible to participate in part (15h or 2 ECTS) of the training program. A certificate for the doctoral school can be issued on request.

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Isotopic composition of water vapor at Dome C, East Antarctica

The oldest ice core records are obtained on the East Antarctic plateau. The composition in stable isotopes of water (δ18O, δD, δ17O) permits to reconstruct the past climatic conditions over the ice sheet and also at the evaporation source. Paleothermometer accuracy relies on good knowledge of processes affecting the isotopic composition of surface snow in Polar Regions. Both simple models such as Rayleigh distillation and global atmospheric models with isotopes provide good prediction of precipitation isotopic composition in East Antarctica but post deposition processes can alter isotopic composition on site, in particular exchanges with local vapour. To quantitatively interpret the isotopic composition of water archived in ice cores, it is thus essential to study the continuum water vapour – precipitation – surface snow – buried snow.

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Membership is open to everyone interested in the objectives of AFEQ-CNF INQUA. The annual subscription is due on 1st January. Members are offered a special rate for the four annual issues of QUATERNAIRE.

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