Protecting biodiversity: a lack of political decision rather than scientific knowledge

IN fifteen years, nearly 13 000 research articles have been published in the main science conservation journals. Nevertheless, biodiversity remains endangers everywhere in the world. Two CNRS researchers examined this paradox by reviewing the abundant literature on the subject. According to them, a major obstacle is the constant search for arbitrations more favorable to human activities than protection of nature. This study was published on September 10, 2018 in Trends in Ecology and Evolution.


© Thomas VIGNAUD/Te mana O Te Moana/Centre de recherche insulaire et observatoire de l’environnement (Perpignan)/CNRS Photothèque
The main threats to biodiversity have been known for about 40 years and are (i) the too strong use of resources (ii) species habitat fragmentation (iii) the introduction of invasive species and (iv) chain extinctions resulting from the three first factors. Today’s climate change further imbalance natural environments.


According to the researchers, proposals of durable solutions are not lacking. The major issue is rather the demand for arbitrations always more favorable to human activities than protecting the environment, in spite of scientific recommendations which are already shy.


Sources :
What conservation does. L. Godet et V. Devictor. Trends in Ecology and Evolution, le 10 septembre 2018.


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